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Express kitchen

In our restaurant, everything from bread-stickto pasta, from gnocchi to the ice cream and desserts is prepared by us.


Every morning we made ​​the dough for the bread-sticks which are then hand stretched and left to rest under controlled humidity before being baked.
Fresh egg pasta is prepared each week, as well as our ice creams and sorbets.
We are open all year and all holidays.
At Christmas and Easter dinner is a fixed menu with traditional dishes, while the New Year's Eve is a la carte.

A matter of history

For over 60 years our specialty is meat, cooked on a real grill in front of a real fire, which you can see from the  dining room.
As tradition, before the cooking it, the meat will be shown to you.
So it has been since 1950 and so will continue to be.

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Our story
ristorante a conduzione famigliare

For over 60 years the Gianesin family welcomes and serves customers in its restaurant in the beautiful Val Liona located 20 km from the center of Vicenza and 35 km from Verona.

At Isetta good food is a family tradition that goes back for three generations.

Celebrate with us
Sala ristorante, banchetti, cerimonie

Book a table to live with us your celebrations,  evenings, banquets, weddings. We will ensure making your special moments unforgettable.

We are avaiable for lunches ad dinnes at aur restaurant or as catering in private houses.

Galdino the shy
cucina tipica, cucina ristorante

Few people knows that Vincenzo Scapin, a famous writer from Vicenza, whote, in his book 'I magnagatti' a chapter about our Galdino.

The writer in the book wants to paid homage several characters who through their work are milestones in the art of food. 

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