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A family business

On the last Sunday of August 1950, the Isetta Grandmother opened for the first time to the public the Trattoria, which was then passed to her son Galdino, and is now in the hands of Monica and Manuela whom have brought forth the strong family tradition.

Galdino Gianesin

Estratto da 'I Magnagati' di Virgilio Scapin pag 115:

"Galdino is insatiable. Its customers have just finished eating and he is already in front of their table to ask if the food and drinks were to their liking. He look on the plates with narrow-eyes for a final confirmation. If there are no conspicuous traces of food left, everything went off smoothly, its cuisine has not betrayed. Galdino is son of art, Isetta his mother taught him the rudiments of the culinary..."

Guerrina Ferron

"In 1960, on the feast of liberation, Galdino married Guerrina that will go straight to the kitchen to help his mother-in-law."

Manuela Gianesin

Eldest daughter of Galdino, she have the task of welcoming customers and direct the dining room.

Monica Gianesin

She picks up the stove that had been before her grandmother and mother Guerrina and Isetta. Conservative with innovative trends for a kitchen that is never monotonous and predictable.

Graziano Fipponi

Monica's husband, is the right person to help you with the choice of wine: always smiling and with an encyclopedic knowledge of the cellar.

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