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Grancona, the Val Liona, Vicenza area around

Trattoria Isetta is located in a tranquil but central area between the cities of Vicenza, Verona and Padua Vicenza is located only 20 minutes away by car while the farthest Padua can be reached in about 45 minutes. This offers guests Isetta you can make excursions to these wonderful city and visit the various attractions of the area such as castles and villas.

The valley is literally surrounded by greenery and the Berici hills are also a place where you can escapes from the summer heat. There are many paths that allow you to take long walks or horseback riding, the area is also frequented by amateur and professional cyclists for its beauty and conformation.

Escursioni in collina, ciclismo, equitazione

Here some of the most beautiful attractions in the area.

vicenza basilica palladio
The Verona Arena

The Verona Arena is a Roman amphitheater in Verona's historic center, symbol of the city together with the figures of Romeo and Juliet. It is one of the great buildings that have characterized the ancient structures.

During the summer it is used for the famous opera festival stage and there are many singers and bands.

vicenza basilica palladio
Villa Cordellina

Villa Cordellina (also called Cordellina Lombardi) is a Palladian villa that is located in Montecchio Maggiore, a few kilometers west of Vicenza.
The villa was designed by the Venetian architect Giorgio Massari, who was inspired by openly in the Palladian. The construction lasted from 1735 to 1742.

vicenza basilica palladio
Basilica Palladiana

The Palladian Basilica is a public building that overlooks Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza. His name is inextricably linked Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, who redesigned the Palazzo della Ragione adding to the existing Gothic building lodges in the famous white marble serliane.
Once the seat of public magistracies of Vicenza, the Palladian Basilica today, with three independent exhibition spaces, is the scene of exhibitions of art and architecture. Since 1994 he is with the other architectures Palladio in Vicenza, in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

La Rotonda

Almerico Villa Capra La Rotonda is a Palladian villa situated in a central plant near the city of Vicenza, near the town of Riviera Berica.
Built by Paul Almerico, who commissioned it to Andrea Palladio in 1566.
La Rotonda, as it became known later, is one of the most celebrated buildings in the history of the modern era. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is undoubtedly the most famous villa of Palladio and, probably, of all the Venetian villas.

Castello di Soave

The Medieval Castle of Soave, which belonged to the Della Scala family, is a fortification that has marked the history of the town in the province of Verona.
Fell into disrepair after being reduced to farm, has been carefully restored in 1890 by Senator of the United Giulio Camuzzoni - mayor of Verona from 1867 to 1883 - which became the owner.
It is walking distance from Piazza Antenna or along the paved road that goes to the north of the country.
It is located about 20 minutes from Grancona.

Castelli di Giulietta e Romeo
Romeo and Juliet castle

In addition to Juliet's balcony in the center of Verona, there are also the two castles of Romeo and Juliet located a few tens of meters of each other.
From both castles located in the hills, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the surrounding plains.
The castles are located in Montecchio Maggiore, less than 15 minutes from Grancona.

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