Via Pederiva 96

Val Liona 36040



TEL  /  0444 889521​

Guida ristoranti vicenza, Mappa ristoranti vicenza, ristoranti vicenza e provincia, ristoranti matrimoni



Sabato, Domenica e Lunedì tutto il giorno.

Giovedì e Venerdì sera. 


Saturday, Sunday and Monday for lunch and dinner. 

Thursday and Friday for dinner.

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Trattoria Locanda "Isetta" di Gianesin Galdino & C. s.n.c.  P. IVA 00877140244

Ristoranti Vicenza - Ristorante di cucina tipica Veneta


Menu a la carte

Our Starters

Cod fish with croutons

€ 10

Our cold cuts with soft polenta and chanterelles

€ 12

Scottish smoked salmon with croutons

€ 12

Sofficiotto of porcini mushrooms and truffles with melted Asiago cheese

€ 13

Nuts scallops on creamed potatoes lightly smoked

€ 13

Toasted bread with burrata cheese and anchovies from the Cantabrian datterino confiteor with Parma ham

€ 15

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Our first dishes

bigoli ''Oio e sardela" with pine nuts and red onion

€ 10

Gargati ai durelli

€ 12

Fettuccine with fresh porcini

€ 13

Risotto with black truffle of the Berici

€ 14

Truffled potato gnocchi filled with cheese and truffle

€ 14

Strips of pasta with tuna belly, peas and datterini

€ 14

Paccheri with squid and prawns with lemon scent

€ 16

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Our main dishes

Knuckle of suckling pig with layers of roasted peppers

€ 13

Roast rabbit with olives of Taggia

€ 13

Fresh salmon steak'''' Lock Duart in a crust of dried tomatoes and sliced ​​almonds

€ 13

Veal escalopes with black truffle of the Berici

€ 14

Snails pan-cooked with polenta

€ 14

Vicenza-style cod with polenta Maranello stone-ground

€ 17

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Grilled meat

Sliced ​​T-bone steak with rosemary (300gr)

€ 18

Fillet of beef

€ 8 / l'etto

Fillet with truffles (200-250g)

€ 24

Rump steak Florentine nostrana (without filet)

€ 40 / kg

T-bone Steak nostrana (with filet)

€ 48 / kg

Rump steak of Chianina fiorenina (without filet)

€ 53 / kg

T-bone steak of Chianina (with filet)

€ 58 / kg

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Our desserts

Can greedy (raspberry sauce, whipped cream, meringues)

€ 8

Puff pastry with Chantilly cream with fresh strawberries and slices of crunchy almonds

€ 8

Yogurt mousse with strawberries and almond soup